UK Bond with 100% indemnity cover against loss of capital

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A highly unique private UK bond

Currently he only one of its kind globally that is insured with the largest insurer in Europe providing an ultra-protective wrapper.

A UK bond which also qualifies for Tier 1 investor visa purposes and includes 100% indemnity cover against loss of capital through leading London insurers.


£250,000 - £1,000,000 - 1.5% per month paid quarterly or compound interest. (£250,000 = £298,129.65 - Effective Annual Rate: 19.25%)

£1,000,000 - £10,000,000 – 2% per month (£1,000,000 = £1,262,476.96 - Effective Annual Rate: 26.25%)

£10,000,000 – negotiable (£10,000,000 = £14,115,816.10 - Effective Annual Rate: 41.16%)

Facility to invest in £, $ and € on all options. 

Quarterly payments after 91 days or compounded, as per examples above.

Sophisticated client portal allowing full transparency with unique features. investment investment bank

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The Financial Bond Indemnity policy is designed to indemnify the investor in the event whereby the security /capital has been put at risk in line with the Information Memorandum and conditions (the policy has been tried and tested over many years and has passed Compliance and Legal requirements). 

At the time of writing, the bond provider is the only organisation providing this unique policy for a company of its type. The policy is provided by one of the largest brokers in Europe (it placed over GBP 80b + of premiums in 2017). It covers up to GBP 30m of indemnity per client which can be extended if necessary.