December 2018 & January 2019 Only 2% extra for all investors in the David Lloyd Bond


Key Points:

  • Over 20 years’ experience in design, architecture, construction and development

  • Over 5,000 luxury properties completed

  • Turnkey options with super-fast delivery – all in house

  • Awards including best luxury property builder in 2018

  • Investors obtain a minimum of 50% profit p.a.

  • Currently working on the development of more than 60 different projects in and around the Mediterranean coastline, involving an investment of more than €100 million

  • Investors can opt to resell during construction which no other developer allows with the whole process managed directly the company

Choice and Flexibility:

Option 1:

The plot is paid for by the investor and put in their name.

The developer funds the rest of the build to completion.

The developer and investor share the profit 50 / 50 once the property is sold, usually within 12-15 months

Note:  the investor has no rights to keep the property but during the process the plot is in the investors name.

Option 2:


The investor places a reservation fee to remove the property from the market.

They sign the deeds in the investors  name.

15% of construction costs to be paid by the investor.

Then monthly certification thereafter.

* The investor can sell at any time during the process and the sale will be handled completely by the company.

Option 3:

Build your own dream home with the best of the best at BMV cost and peace of mind.